Book Bond – Meet & Greet

There are too many aspiring authors...too many in self-publishing ...but very few of them are bestselling!
Anil Dharker and Ashwin Sanghi
Organised by Tata Group, the recent enthralling  knowledge-driven Panel Discussion, "Book Bond – Meet & Greet" in the run-up to the 5th edition of Tata Literature Live at Taj Vivanta, Cuffe Parade – decoded the Dos and Don'ts

Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest to commence on October 30, with over 125 authors and artistes from across the country and globe at NCPA (Nariman Point) and Prithvi Theatre and The Easel, in Juhu, is again set to showcase exemplary works and discussions by world-class authors and performers.
While the talks between the Festival Director, Anil Dharker and the bestselling author, Ashwin Sanghi unfolded the myths of modern Indian writing, it also discussed the re-telling of Indian mythology, the modern Indian writer and the challenges of being published in India. Having found himself on both sides of the coin, Ashwin Sanghi, author of Chanakya’s Chant and The Rozabal Line did elaborate on the pros and cons of self-publishing in detail: “The idea of self-publishing fulfills your desire to get published, but in the present scenario where thousands of self-published books haven't been read even once or twice, the real challenge is how to make your content, readable and saleable.” He also responded to the various questions raised in the discussion. 

God & Religion
The more I read about, the lesser I get to know; hence not a right person to enlighten you on this, but can entertain you.

Questioning History
"History is something that doesn't exist. It's more often thought-woven. It's not absolute but a relative subject that must be questioned. You see, there are about 200 Ramayanas' books written which contradict each other. While doing my research on Chanakya, I came to know that the very first book on Chanakya was actually written 900 yrs after his death. This can give you the fair idea of the extent of an authenticity of the history that you read, may vary. 

Indian Authors, Publishers and Readers
"Contradicting our population, book readers are less and discrete, and a majority of them are still looking for specific genres. This leaves a very limited choice for authorsWe will have to change the scenario. 

The consumers' time is limited. With so many books coming out daily, it is a difficult task to compete with each other in every sort of space. That is the harsh reality which we need to accept. We must prepare ourselves accordingly."

Encapsulating the evening, Author Ashwin Sanghi said, “Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest is undoubtedly and objectively the best literature festival in the country. The country has become more receptive to literature driven by the fundamental change which is not so much the writer, as it is the reader. It was heartening to witness the crowds at last year’s Tata Literature Live! and I only see this platform growing bigger with time.”

 On the occasion, Anil Dharker also announced the shortlists for three coveted Book Awards – Tata Literature Live! Book of the Year (Fiction & Non-fiction), Tata Literature Live! First Book Award (Fiction & Non-fiction) and Tata Literature Live! Business Book Award Shortlist Details). The highlight of the evening was the handing-out of autographed copies by Ashwin Sanghi of his book with James Patterson ‘Private India’.

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