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Windows 10: The Good & The Bad

'Good Job'

Following the Apple Way?

Undoing the damage done by Ballmer, Satya Nadella has shifted the MS focus back to the development that was once the core strength of the company. While Ballmer -- more interested in marketing strategies -- earlier overlooked the undervalued products, Satya, along with Gates undid the mistakes, be it Nokia's  acquisition or display advertising features. 

Moved towards a more coherent brand; when comes to introducing Windows 10 to its end consumers, Microsoft does an Apple.

Windows 10: The best windows ever :)
Iphone 5: The best iPhone ever

Learning from the success saga of Google Play and iTunes, the MS Store has been paid more attention than ever. Independent software installations are being discouraged but prompted through the MS store. However, the same attentions must be sought from developers too.

It will be interesting to see how does it stand out against its rivals -- Apple app store/iTunes or Google Play. Will it land up to be another 'Surface effort' by Microsoft? What do you think?

Back with Windows 7 features

The evolution of windows has been quite like a sinusoidal wave. 

Let's take a look (Ref:Windowsitpro):

(Windows 1.0 released in 1985 was a success because it was the first iteration, used by many early computer enthusiasts.
Windows 2.0 released in 1987 was a success. The public was excited to see such a quick update and a multi-windowed environment.
Windows 3.0 released in 1990 was a flop, even though it was the first version to introduce backward compatibility and protected/enhanced mode, it took a 3.00a released in 1991 to make it stable.
Windows 3.1 released in 1992 was a flop due to severe bugs.
Windows 3.11 released in 1993 was a success, and introduced the first major OS to integrate networking features.
Windows NT released in 1993 and was a success due to being widely used as a server operating system, though many IT Pros used it as a workstation OS.
Windows 95 released in 1995 and was a success on many, many levels. Better multi-tasking, multi-media, the introduction of the Start menu, the Rolling Stones "Start Me Up" campaign – I could go on…
Windows 98 released in 1998 (second edition released in 1999) and could be the only product in the line that breaks the chain. Microsoft was set to end support in 2004 but had to extend that to 2006.
Windows 2000 was a success. Though labeled 2000, actually hit RTM in December of 1999.
Windows ME released in 2000 and was a flop. Windows ME seemed like an update just for update's sake.
Windows XP released in 2001 and was a success. Even today, after the end of support in April 2014, some users defiantly keep using it.
Windows Vista released in 2006 and was a flop, primarily due to bugs obtrusive new security features, and software and hardware compatibility problems.
Windows 7 released in 2009 and was a success, primarily because it was a better Windows XP (which was also a success) and, today, because it's NOT Windows 8.
Windows 8 released in 2012 and is a flop. There are many that would argue this, but the adoption numbers don't lie. Windows 8 has been ill received and Windows 7 continues to usurp its market authority.

Windows 10 is aimed to bring the '7' charm back. The OS being more user-friendly is getting fair critical acclaim in the short span.


Rejecting most of the Windows 8 interface settings, Terry brings new touch-friendly interfaces, be it the new media player, settings, the all new notification, the Cortana incorporation into the PC OS or separate settings for Tab. 

Must say,Terry Myerson, along with his team has done a great job!

Dynamic Task View

Pinned to the taskbar, the dynamic task view (windows+tab) gets better with the every edition.

This actually makes you watch multiple videos simultaneously...

Microsoft Edge, new browser incorporated

With the browser, Microsoft has actually enabled the users to enjoy mobile-benefits while browsing. It is faster, better and gives a number of new tools that chrome doesn't.

What looks relatively bad?

'Built-in Keylogger'

Windows 10 collects your online data; monitors your computing behaviour.

Though I haven't gone through the 'Terms & Conditions' and Privacy Policy, by the time I wrote the headline I got the below image as pop-up.

According to Windows Insiders, the data collection program is aimed to make it more user-friendly and optimise the OS for better performance. Choice is yours!

Slow Booting & Restarting

If anything was good about Windows 8 that was its fast booting. So far, it appears very slow, takes almost a minute or longer to start.


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  1. Good review! But I hear about the privacy concerns and I am not thinking twice about the upgrade.

    1. Yes, That is indeed a big issue, many of the companies have refused to upgrade owing to this issue.