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'Don't confuse peace with quiet!' There is a big difference. Quiet has strings and so has the killings! The strings that have been haunting the countrymen since independence... 

There have been some BJP/RSS supporters killings in Bihar and Kerala. In some other states, it's the other way around. The scenario is getting more local, ruled by the local mob. 'Kamlesh Tiwari' and 'Akhlaq' cases simply suggest that caste and religion are just part of the strings. The recent 20 deaths in Haryana too, were part of the mob injustice.

The PAT-RIOT takes it to another level. This also questions SC's monitoring capabilities.     

 Let's not deny, there is a growing dogmatism.  
Unverified Pamphlets and letters that should have been brought in the notice to Dean and VCs are now being read in Parliament. 

Biased coverage from both the sections of media helped real hooligans hide behind Nationalism. 


As far as Afzal Guru is concerned, people must realise that Afzal Guru's conviction is just one of the lakhs of jurisdictions. The strong judgement was strictly in line with the nationalism and in spite of all the differences, we must stand by the last judgement. 
We must avoid any situation that could fuel any community to do something done to Neelkanth Ganjoo. This will weaken and damage our Judicial system.

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