"Life is all about learning, believing, loving, and new beginnings. Learning about life's truths and lessons, about ourselves and others, about making mistakes, celebrating successes, loving unconditionally, and about being still or starting over, while also constantly moving forward. Believing in something bigger than all of us, and taking on faith that there are no accidents in this life. The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime! It is never too late to become what you might have been.When life gives us a hundred reasons to cry, let's show life that we have a thousand reasons to smile."

Anupam (अनुपम) a Hindi word by origin stands for something being Masterpiece, Unique or Matchless. It's not about me, but about everyone and that's the beauty of nature. Everybody is unique, so is their time - process of thinking and acting.

'Anupamtimes' in true sense is the process of thinking. If you recall Calculus, you may find out that continuity of an algebraic expression is defined only and only when LHL, RHL and its value at the point are equal. Continuity of time can be defined in the same way and therefore each point of time defines all the three, Past present and future simultaneously. But they never meet...

'Anupamtimes' is the journey of time framed by a couple of professionals. It's about books, authors, personalities, news and stories that remained unexplored. It is about exploring unexplored and unsaid things that do matter to our society. 

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